Light makes us stronger, safer and more confident.

We all like our little ones to grow up
quiet, in a pleasant environment,
full of beauty and good taste.

And so that during the night they feel accompanied
we have created the brave little friends who will watch over
the tranquility of the smallest of the house,
with delicate and soft light.

We have put on our pajamas
and we are ready to sleep.

Sweet Dreams.




conejito lampara de noche topo patricialarrosa ceramica

Each nightlight is unique
because its artisan process of molding,
handpainting and decoration gives
each piece its own personality.





Customize your nightlight

Your baby has blond or brown hair ... Blue, green or brown eyes ...

ou can customize your nightlight to look like your baby. Select the item and add it to your shopping cart.

If at that moment we do not have any existence like the one you want, we will create it for you and you will have it ready in about 15 days.

Modelado de lámpara habitaciones de bebes creada en cerámica

paleta de colores ceramica patricia larrosa



Small, fully handcrafted ideas
that provide functionality and decoration to the most cozy environments.

Imagine now that the little ones gain
in confidence and tranquility during the resting hours.

Our bedside lamps are full of life.
A small family of brave bears and bunnies,
prepared to rest with their
favorite pajamas and their faithful pets.

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